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ypr is an R package that implements equilibrium-based yield per recruit methods. Yield per recruit methods can used to estimate the optimal yield for a fish population (Walters and Martell 2004). The yield can be based on the number of fish caught (or harvested) or biomass for all fish or just large (trophy) individuals.

The key life history parameters are

  • The growth coefficient (k) and mean maximum length (Linf) from the Von Bertalanffy growth curve
  • The length at which 50% mature (Ls)
  • The length at which 50% vulnerable to harvest (Lv)
  • The instantaneous annual natural mortality rate (M)
  • The number of spawners per spawner at low density (Rk)

The calculations do not account for stochasticity, predator-prey dynamics, angler responses or density-dependent growth.


For definitions of all 28 population parameters see ?ypr_population.

For an explanation of the calculations see the ypr vignette.



populations <- ypr_populations(Rk = c(3,7), Ls = c(40, 60), Rmax = 100)
ypr_plot_yield(populations, plot_values = FALSE) +


To install the latest release from CRAN


To install the latest development version from the Poisson drat repository

# install.packages("drat")


To interactively explore the effects of altering individual parameters on the schedule, stock-recruitment and yield see the ypr shiny app.

A screenshot of the yield from the ypr shiny app

A screenshot of the yield from the ypr shiny app


Development of ypr was supported by the Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation and the Ministy of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations.

The hex was designed by The Forest.


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Walters, Carl J., and Steven J. D. Martell. 2004. Fisheries Ecology and Management. Princeton, N.J: Princeton University Press.