• Fixed M1mac test

New Features

  • Added family of functions for the following distributions

    • xx_gamma()
    • xx_student()
    • xx_beta_binomial()
  • Added standardized residuals to residual functions for all distributions

Bug Fixes


  • Fix for dev testthat
  • Fix tests for dev waldo



  • res_xx() functions now return data (actual or simulated) if type = 'data'.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed normal and log-normal deviances which were out by a factor of 2 and 1.41 respectively.



  • Added the following function families
    • ran_xx() (random samples)
    • log_lik_xx() (log-likelihood)
    • dev_xx() (deviances)
    • res_xx() (residuals)

for the following distributions - _bern, (Bernoulli), - _binom (binomial) - _pois (Poisson) - _norm (normal) - _lnorm (log-normal) - _gamma (gamma) - _gamma_pois (gamma-Poisson)



  • Added chk_indices() and vld_indices() to check (validate) if an object is a list of indices ie a vector of one or more positive integer values.
  • Added par_pattern() to provide string of regular expression for a parameter name.
  • Added as_list_unnamed() generic which by default strips all attributes except names.
  • Modified chk_pars() and vld_pars() to permit missing values and duplicates.
  • Initial submission to CRAN.